Some people eat frozen pizza late at night; myself, I eat homemade Kimchi with mashed potatoes, Veganaise and a carrot.  

And, unlike froze pizza, I know how my kimchi was made:

1) First, I soaked napa cabbage, bok choy, carrots and radishes in a salt water brine in a ration of 1 tbs : 1 c salt to water.

2) After soaking this for a few hours, I drained off most of the liquid, saving the reserves and mixed in a whole bunch of home-grown minced garlic, hot peppers, ginger and scallion.

3) Mixing this all together, I then packed all of it into a glass jar and squished it down so no air bubbles remained within.

4) To make sure it was all covered in brine, I added a bit of the reserve salt water mixture from before, covered the jar with cheese cloth and let the fermentation begin.

5) Each day for a week or so I washed my hands then undid the cheese cloth and pushed the veggies that had floated to the top back under the salty brine. Liking my fingers after each time, it was easy to tell when the kimchi had reached perfection.

6) To stop the fermentation and preserve the kimchi, I simple scooped it into clean glass jars and have kept in the refridgerator ready for the eating.

**I learned how to make this by loosely following one of the recipes in the book “Wild Fermentation” by Sandor Ellix Katz–it comes highly recommended as an totally awesome reference for making fermented food!


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