Kitchen Sink Kimchi

With one batch of kimchi under my belt and gardens full of random veggies still needing to get put up before the frost settles in on us, Charlotte and I took it upon ourselves to deviate from the traditional napa cabbage kimchi and do some experimenting with what we had on hand.

Charlotte is an amazing gardener, so even though it’s deep into October her garden–both front yard and back–is still bursting with 3ft tall kale, swiss chard the size of a small pony, scallions, carrots and endless cherry tomatoes. Here’s what we ended up mixing in:

– Kale from Charlotte’s garden

– Swiss chard from Charlotte’s garden

– Scallion’s from Charlotte’s garden

– Carrots

– White onion

– Garlic & red chili paste from my garden which I had fermented on its on for the past two weeks

– More garlic

– Ginger

The brine it’s produced so far is this great shade of green. I imagine it’ll be pretty rad to see it start to bubble up over the next few weeks. Hopefully it ends up tasting better than slime.


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