Biking to Madison & back

For the record, I do more than make kimchi; in fact, last week some of my home-girls and I biked to Madison and back. Here’s how we do bike touring:

Sunday, October 17th

9am: We loaded up Julie’s truck with all the bikes and got a head-start on the trip by being dropped off in Waukesha at the start of the Glacial Drumlin Trail. Knocking off those first twenty miles–all of which are uphill and through West Allis–was a great decision!

10am: Our posse at the start of our ride.

11am: Coffee break in Dousman!




No joke, these cows were striped like oreos cookies. And, this is my steel horse named Cow (named early in the week on the return from Angie and my bike/camping trip to Belgium, Wisconsin).






1pm: What bike trip is complete without some mid-ride glamor shots?. (Warning, don’t leave your construction site unattended.)

3pm: Snack break, Lake of the Pyramids (& beautiful old train bridge).

4pm: Fried lunch in Lake Mills followed by another round of “sports drinks” in London.

6pm: “Victory is a question of stamina,” a poster wheat pasted to the side of the Weary Traveler, the perfect restaurant for us to have ended up at in Madison.

Monday, October 18th

After an awesome brunch, stopping at a thrift-store and saying hi to Jeff at Revolution Cycles we rode out to Planet Bike wherein we got to personally thank all the fellows for bringing the “stanky leg” sexy, safety garders into our lives and also play a couple games of ping-pong.

Death before Decaf! Late afternoon we swung by Just Coffee to visit Josh who made us some delicious espresso and gave us the five-cent tour of the warehouse. Quite lovely!

Tuesday, October 19th

9:30am: After a quick breakfast and more importantly, a double of dose of coffee, we hit the trail back to Milwaukee. For the record, fall is the best time of year for bike trips in Wisconsin. The air’s crisp and cool yet it’s still warm enough to bike in shorts (or in our case a skirt) and t-shirts. The earthy smell of leaves crunching under tires. It’s the best!

Wisconsin, you’re beautiful.






2pm: Once again, I was climbing things and we were eating fried food and drinking whiskey & beer. And for the record, the Sullivan Saloon is amazing!

6:45pm: Home Sweet Home (or really, the Polish Falcon–close enough. And it should be noted that Angie ordered a full pitcher of beer for herself. Them’s my ladies!)

Thanks Angie, Shouty & Coco for an amazing bike ride!


3 responses to “Biking to Madison & back

  1. Looks like a taller construction site is in order, and as my grandma would say, “I’d hate to get in a tangle with that bunch.”

  2. There’s no construction site tall enough to stop THESE awesome women — any one of whom could leap any tall building in a single leap, especially if there was a good bar & restaurant on the other side. You all make me proud!

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