One Drink at a Time!

It’s not in the least surprising to me that I’m getting my bartender’s license. After all, I’m a Wisconsin native and there’s a bar on nearly every corner with few ways better to make decent money while still having a life. What I didn’t expect, however, is that I’d be helping to open up a bar!

I’d been following the progress of the Riverwest Public House Cooperative for the past few months as friends of mine got the ball rolling, but now with some time on my hands (though it continues to surprise me just how easily I fill my days) I’ve jumped aboard and find myself in the thick of it.

For starters, we’re not just opening a bar. We’re actually forming two cooperatives simultaneously: the Riverwest Cooperative Alliance and the Public House Cooperative. In essence, we want more co-ops in our neighborhood–a butcher, a baker, a candlestick maker as we’ve been coining our vision–but we recognize just how prohibitive the start-up costs of most ventures like that are to folks like us. With this, in comes the Riverwest Cooperative Alliance with the mission to help start new co-ops by assisting with start-up funds and providing guidance in navigating the  bureaucratic & organizational waters of starting a new business.

And here’s the clincher, the excess revenue generated from Riverwest Public House Cooperative (aka–your new favorite neighborhood tavern) is going to fund the Alliance and consequently other cooperatives! Glorious, I know!

We’ve done quite a bit already. We’ve incorporated as a co-op with the state, having been negotiating a lease agreement with the owner of the former Riverwest Commons bar and generally just getting the rest of our ducks in order. Check-out our website in fact: Riverwest Public House

Excited as we are?! Well, we’d love your help! Help us organize the whole thing and open this bar by getting in touch with one of us, emailing or checking out our website for upcoming meetings and just showing up. Don’t have the time for that? Come to our fundraiser on November 23rd at the Art Bar and/or become one of our first members. Or, if you’ve got some extra cash-money sitting around that you could part with for a little while, we’re also looking for member loans of $500 – $2000 to help us get started. Holler if you want to be one of our sugar daddies.





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