When you don’t see me this winter, it’s likely because I’m up in my loft hibernating.

This afternoon I finished my loft project. It’s now complete with a curtain (finally I was able to find a use for the gorgeous hand-woven fabric I got in Guatemala 7yrs ago), “mattress” and safety bar so the other person won’t fear falling out.

This was the state of the craft room last fall.  As you can see it was the quintessential cluster-fuck.

Boxes upon boxes of craft supplies, fabric and other odds and ends with no place to actually make anything even on the rare chance that I was able to find what it was I was looking for. But thanks to my lofty imagination (ha, pun intended) and the Build Milwaukee Cooperative, my organizational vision came to life!

But today I really upped the bar. Despite the cuteness of the loft before, one was essentially sleeping on straight plywood–a fate felt by sore backs in the morning.

To remedy it I bought some carpet foam today which is pretty reasonably priced compared to other mattress options for a 6′ x 3′ space.

I cut the foam down to be four layers thick then whipped up a quick cover to keep it all together. (ps. I love sewing projects that require you to lay everything out on the floor cause they’re just so big!)

Then I screwed in the safety bar which I made in the classic Milwaukee style of using 1/2″ steel pipe.  (In the event you don’t live in Milwaukee, nearly all of our railings leading from the sidewalk up to our houses are made in this DIY sort of a way.) I must admit, the safety bar’s a great touch. It feels bigger up there (important as it’s only 3ft wide) since you’re not constantly wondering if you’re teetering on the edge, about to fall on top of sewing machines and pin cushions.

So come visit! The loft’s ready!


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