Minneapolis: Take Your Pants Off

Stick & Poke Tattoo Nights (there were two)!

A great face to match a great new tattoo from Ms. Natalie, the most recent addition to my “constellation of friends.” I got her ear in return. Another night we had a craft & tattoo night were we all took off our pants and Clive turned Natalie’s tattoo doodling from the night before (third picture: Natalie tattooing her knee) into a kite and I modified some lacy bloomers.


Smelt Chowder vs. Venison Stew Night

Venison stew won. Thanks Clive for feeding us all! On a food note, I ate more butter than I have in the past year being at Natalie’s house for just ten days. Butter in chicken soup, butter black beans, butter by the finger-full (I witnessed this done by Anwen but didn’t try it myself). Kind of puts Coco and my house–Butter Manor–to shame.



Random Excitement (and seclusion) in Butter City

After much excitement, on Sunday I needed a break from it all and hibernated for the night in Natalie’s un-insulated garage. I treated it like a little adventure and thought of Andy and my conversation earlier in the month about the things we do sometimes that form great memories once completed but aren’t so glamorous while you’re doing them. For instance, winter camping. (I once suggested to Michael that he and I go winter camping and he enthusiastically agreed with the caveat that we go in summer–smart fella that one is.) In the morning I went to brunch at the Seward for good eats and more time just reveling in my own head. And then there was halloween. It was late; we tried.




Things I Love Most: Climbing, Pie & Dear, Dear Friends

One of the highlights of my trip to Minneapolis was spent high above the ground in the canopy of a tree. I was introduced to Erik, whose tree I was climbing, at the Barebones show. He’s an arborist, and more than that, a lover of climbing trees, eager to share his knowledge with other enthusiasts and as such, invited me to come climb the tree in his backyard with him and learn a thing or two. So I headed over to his lovely house on the bank of the Mississippi in North MPLS and spent the afternoon learning new hitches, knots and “body thrusting.” The picture in the middle is the Blake’s hitch, a clever little trick I learned for getting up into trees.

And what better way to conclude my summary of Minneapolis than with Natalie and some pie slices? Thanks for your hospitality Minneapolis and all the friends I got to catch up with; rest assured I’ll be back!


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