Get It While It’s Hot!

2002 was the first time I sold my car and decided to go car-free. Since then I’ve had a smattering of cars, though in September I once again decided to ditch my car and go solely by bike, relying on borrowed cars to do specific errands.

Anyhow, between my dedication to commuting by bike, volunteering at the Milwaukee Bicycle Collective and working for the Bike Fed, I’ve collected quite a bit of miscellaneous bike junk as well as an excess of bikes. The day has come to part with some of it!

700cc Maveic Open Pro wheel set with rear Nexus 7spd coaster brake hub and super light from hub. Shifter included.

This wheel set is the bomb! I had this wheel set built up before you were able to order a stock bike with a set up like this and have ridden it for two years now. It’s claim to fame is that it’s the ideal winter commuting bike as you’ve got gears, yet they’re contained within the hub so the salt doesn’t destroy them. Also, the coaster brake lets you rock huge snowboarding mittens so your fingers stay toasty since you don’t have hand brakes to mess with. Seriously, these wheels are the shit. Make me an offer.

Super cute, old school bike.

I picked up this bike last summer and thought I’d fix it up to be my neighborhood cruiser. It’s a kid’s frame but with ape hanger handlebars and a new set of wheels, it’d be fly as hell! (Alternately, you could fix it up for a kid in your life.) It’s got a new blue, sparkly coat of paint to boot! Again, make me an offer.

I’ve also got a box of random goodies–everything from tires to pedals to racks, the mountain bike I put together a few years ago which is awesome, I just don’t mountain bike anymore, and another decent mountain bike and a hybrid bike. Oh, and bike craft/art.

I’m selling it all my goods this Sunday from 10am – 3pm at the Bike Fed’s annual Bike Swap at UWM ( Let me know if you want first dibs on anything before it gets bought up in the swap frenzy!




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