Fuck Being Sick

Mid-drive back from Joshua Tree National Park on Sunday my throat started feeling scratchy and I became feverish. Since then this fucking cold or flu has maintained its death grip on me despite everything I’ve tried.

Right now I’m still all congested and my head feels like it’s not attached to my body. On my radar is doing a raw foods/citrus fast, but here’s a list of everything I have or currently am doing to combat it:

  • Going to bed early every night and sleeping in each day
  • Raw garlic like it’s going out of style (no joke, I just ate half a head of garlic on my dinner alone)
  • Raw jalapenos and spicy food to sweat it out
  • Hot soups and broths
  • Emergen-C (lots of em)
  • Herbal tea for cold season
  • Daytime/Nightime cold/flu medicine
  • Cough drops
  • Hot showers
  • Hydrogen Peroxide in my ears
  • Kimchi and kombucha
  • Excercise
  • Rest

What else is there to do? Help a girl out and give me suggestions!


3 responses to “Fuck Being Sick

  1. Since there is no cure for the flu/common colds, I’ve been told that taking supplements may lesson your symptoms, but they wont change the fact that you have to let it run its course. I think most colds last 1-2 weeks, so hopefully you’re nearly there!

  2. Emergen-C has a lot of Vitamin C, but I add plain C tabs on top of that – like, 6-8 more. I don’t know if it does any good or not, but they taste good at least 😛

    Also, do you take echinacea when you feel something coming on? That seems to help me – and it makes the cold more mild, and I feel like I recover faster too.

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