Exposing the Koch Brothers

A week ago today, a few hundred people gathered at 5pm in West Allis outside an omnious industrial building home to dozens of small businesses including Americans for Prosperity’s Wisconsin headquarters, tucked discreetly down a second floor hallway.

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Just a month after the Ruckus Society and others held their “Quarentine the Kochs” action in Palm Springs, California; their connections to Wisconsin are now rising to the surface. While Madison remains the hot-bed of dissent against Walker, folks from around the state are starting to take action locally and in many instance that’s been targeting Americans for Prosperity and the Koch brothers. Koch brother owned industries in Wisconsin:

  • Koch Companies Public Sector, LLC--a Koch Industries lobbying office opened up two weeks before the November election just one block off the Capitol. 10 E Doty St, 7th Fl suite, Madison.
  • Americans for Prosperity–a national lobbying arm of the tea-party with local affiliates, bankrolled and founded by the Koch brothers. 1126 S 70th St, Suite 219A, Milwaukee.
  • Koch Pipeline Company, LP–a pipeline traversing Wisconsin carrying crude oil originating from the tarsands to the their refineries in the US.
  • Flint Hills Resources LP–terminals of the pipeline that crosses Wisconsin. N 107th St, Milwaukee; 741 Mason St, Stevens Point.
  • Koch Carbon, LLC–Also known as C. Reiss Coal Company; various facilities make a whole lot of nasty crap including Petroleum Coke, Sulfur, Coal, Iron Ore, Cement, Salt, Stone, Metallurgical Coke, Pulp, Recovered Paper, Lumber Products. Five locations in Wisconsin: Superior, Ashland, Green Bay, Manitowoc, Sheboygan.
  • Georgia Pacific–Paper products with facilities in Wisconsin: 2 in Green Bay, Neenah, Oshkosh, Sheboygan, Phillips.
  • Encadria Staffing Solutions–a temp agency originally founded to support Georgia Pacific exclusively but now offering services to other businesses as well. 1100 W Mason St, Green Bay.
  • Koch Business Solutions, LLP–the centralized shared service company that provides services to all Koch companies. Green Bay

With their fingers deep in Walker’s pockets and their numerous locations through the state, I don’t think the Koch brothers will be falling out of the public’s spotlight any time soon!


One response to “Exposing the Koch Brothers

  1. I accidentally came across a rotten right wing website called, Fake News Online. This disgusting piece of crap has one purpose; to ridicule our Dear Leader and all enlightened Progressives. Someone important in the Party told me this site is entirely financed by the Koch Brothers. It is obviously Koch propaganda, pure and simple. How can they allow stuff like this, Fake News Online, on the net? I thought Cas Sunstein was taking care of garbage like this.

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