Shipping Out

Tomorrow we leave on the Dandelion, a 34 foot, hand-built, wooden, cutter-rigged sailboat. She’s a beauty all right and sturdy at that, weighing in at 22 tons.

The Dandelion with her pirate flag blowing to the wind. Milwaukee, WI

While our original plan was to sail through the Saint Lawrence Seaway,  it being so late in the year we’re heading down the inland route instead. Yet, topping out at 5 knots and with the sun setting so early these days, we’re looking to only make about 50 miles each day.

At such a modest pace (I could easily beat us down to the Keys if I were bicycling instead) and winter steadily approaching here in the Midwest, it’s doubtful we’ll make it into warm weather before the snow hits. In fact, we called a marina in St. Louis today and they reassured us that as long as we make it there before a hard freeze, we’ll be in the clear. So with lots of wool layers (as well as my huge snowboarding mittens) and a bounty of hot soup waiting to be made stowed on board, we’re taking off tomorrow afternoon!


2 responses to “Shipping Out

  1. What a remarkable journey. Quintessentially American, in a way, but I don’t know anyone who has ever done it.

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