Daydreams for Sale

I’m suppose to be putting away laundry and packing, yet once again I’m sucked into the magical dream world of looking at lighthouses for sale.

Penfield Reef Lighthouse

Penfield Reef Lighthouse, established in 1874, marks a submerged reef which extends southeastward from Fairfield Beach, Connecticut, into Long Island Sound. It is located approximately one mile from the entrance of Black Rock Harbor. This charismatic lighthouse, built in the Second Empire Style, contains a 51-foot tall octagonal light structure attached to a square two-story keeper’s quarters building with approximately 1,568 usable square feet, and is set upon a concrete filled foundation surrounded by rip-rap. There is a boat landing which projects from the north side and a metal ladder which connects the landing with the main deck above and rip-rap below.

Diamond Shoals Light Station

The light station is a steel oil drilling platform, known as a Texas Tower, on top of four steel legs that has been modified to act as a light station. The platform includes two floors. The subfloor consists of a 5,000 square feet living area that includes five bedrooms, a kitchen, office, storage area recreation area and toilet facilities. The light tower is located approximately 13 miles southeast of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. The light tower no longer serves as an aid to navigation. It is potentially available by helecopter and boat. However, the platform in its current condition cannot support a helicopter landing and the ladder to the light tower has been damaged.


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