Packing It Up

Packing for three months is in reality quite similar to packing for any other trip. Admittedly it does get a little more tricky thinking about the distance we’ll traveling–from Alaska to Korea–and the weather we may encounter out at sea, but for the most part it’s what you’d expect: variety of clothes, swim suit, sunglasses, toiletries, scarf, hat, socks and underware. Yet, having spent over half the of this past year away from home, there are some tricks of the trade I’ve learned and consequently some extras I’ll be bringing along:

1) Pictures of my loved ones and places dear to my heart. Over the past few months of being home I’ve been trying to fold up all the great moments as if their were origami so I can slip them into my pocket to take with, but in the event my memories start slipping away I’ll have these pictures to hold close.

2) Notebook, journal and nice pens.

3) Postcards stamped and ready to send–if you send me sweet, lovely emails I’ll send you sweet, lovely postcards when I get into port!

4) Seasons 1 & 2 of Game of Thrones. That’s right, it’s going to be a long three months.

5) Chocolate. No explanation needed.

6) Ginger. Not that I think I’ll be sea sick, but just to help ward it off I’m bring a ration of about 5lbs of crystallized ginger and other ginger candies.

7) Books–definitely the thing I’ve spent the most amount of time thinking about! I’ve finally settled:

A Sand County Almanac to keep me grounded.

The Road to keep me enthralled.

To the Lighthouse to keep me dreaming about what it might be like to one day live in a lighthouse named Pony.

The End of the Line to educate myself on the state of commercial fishing worldwide.

To Follow the Water because it’s what I’m in the middle of and it’s a great read.

So that’s that. I’m all packed up. Change of clothes stowed in my backpack in the event my bag doesn’t make it there with me (knock on wood) and passport in my hip bag.


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