The Esperanza

After 14 hours of flying tomorrow, I’ll arrive in Dutch Harbor in the Aleutian Islands of Alaska whose tiny airport–or more likely landing strip–is simply called the “emergency field” on my ticket. Then I’ll be picked up by our agent and taken to the ship I’ll call home for the next three months, the Esperanza.

Launched in February 2002, the Espernza–meaning “hope”– is the largest vessel in the Greenpeace fleet coming in at 72 meters with a breadth of 14 meters. Like the other two Greenpeace ships, the Esperanza’s home port is Amsterdam, yet she was originally one of 14 fire-fighting vessels ordered by the Russian government and was built in 1984 in Poland. Heavy ice class and speed were one of the requirements, making her now a great vessel to carry out Greenpeace’s mission to protect the world’s oceans.

Here’s a great 5 minute tour of the Esperanza:

Something else neat is that all of the Greenpeace ships have webcams on board, streaming live images from the ship 24 hours a day.

And yes, this in fact gives you all the opportunity to spy on me–I mean check the ship’s current location and possibly spot me on deck, like these two guys who just so happened to be in the cameras view a minute ago. So for all of your future spying pleasures: Esperanza webcam. Enjoy!


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