The flight from Anchorage to Dutch Harbor is absolutely stunning (and lucky me, I got to do it twice)! Both trips we stopped for fuel twice along the 3 1/2 hour flight allowing us to dip beneath the cloud line a number of times for magnificent views of the mountains, volcanoes, lush green islands and crystal clear water–I even saw a whale and a waterfall!

My introduction to the Esperanza. She’s a real beauty, though she’s not blue anymore!

As we waited for the pilot to lead us out to sea, a couple of bald eagles decided to pay a visit and this one sat perched atop our radar for a good long while.

The porthole in my room, with a view of the sea and sky from earlier this evening.

The view of my cabin taken from my bunk. I love it–it’s small and homey complete with bench seat, desk, portholes providing natural light, bookshelf and sink.

My bunk. Super cozy, complete with a lee-board to keep me from tumbling out of bed when the ship starts rolling in the middle of the night!

View from the bridge. Tomorrow it’s expected that we’ll experience some weather from a typhoon in the vicinity–rolling waves and 35kt wind over our port side bow–or as the first mate described, “the sea’s going to start spitting”.


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