A Sunday at Sea

This morning all the crew that could, slept late and has continued to have a relaxing Sunday–whenever there isn’t a campaign on board or work that has to be done, the crew is given a half day on Saturday and a full day off on Sunday. While the rest of the crew is catching up on sleep from an exhausting couple of months up in the Arctic, mine’s been adjusting to being out at sea. With three days of rolling seas, it’s incredible how exhausting it is to just keep your balance throughout the day.

My day started with a bowl of cereal, black tea and good book in the mess–what on land what one would call the dining room.

Next up, I continued to curl up with my book in the lounge for the next few hours until joining a few of the crew members in watching the movie Hysteria. Essentially about the invention of the vibrator as the cure for women’s hysteria, it was even more entertaining to watch in the company of the Captain, first mate, chief engineer and bosun.

Afternoon sunshine on this otherwise milky-grey day.

Exploring today, I found this here polar bear suit just hanging out.

So far this takes the cake for my favorite letter writing spot–aft of the bridge, a desk occasionally used by the navigation officer.

And best of all–we’ve got a sauna on board!

“There will be no Monday.” We’re crossing the International Date Line and thus, jumping ahead 24 hours when we go to sleep tonight. For all those Sundays I wished that Monday would never come….


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