Sea Legs

Upon waking yesterday morning, we were greeted with 5 meter waves coming off out port side bow, sending the ship and all its’ contents pitching fore and aft like a teeter-totter. Walking around–let alone working–on-board a pitching ship is pretty ridiculous, and if nothing else exhausting. You rise and fall about 20 feet a few times a minute, you battle between walking uphill and walking downhill, you brace yourself against the walls to keep steady, and climbing stairs and shutting hatches you’ve got to time just right so that gravity is on your side. And so the saying goes, “one hand for yourself, one for the ship.”

When I left Wisconsin the State Fair had just rolled into town. Working yesterday I mulled over the various analogies of what it feels like when the ship is taking on swells like it was yesterday. The best I could come up with is the Octopus ride at carnivals–the waves send you on a circular rotation with the occasional swell making you feel like the floor just dropped out from beneath you. This feeling can be intimated with similar success if you’ve ever jumped just as the elevator you’re in comes to rest at its’ destination.

Anyhow, I’m happy to note that in all this I didn’t get seasick–this lady’s got her sea legs!


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