Sea of Okhotsk, Russia

One of the great things about the Esperanza is the rich layers of tradition passed down from previous crews evident from the various touches of character inside each cabin to the posters and notes taped to the walls. An example of this is the large map hung in the mess showing the location of each of Greenpeace’s three vessels. At the moment the model Esperanza is MIA and so we’re represented by this giant fish. The nose is pointing at the straight we sailed through this morning.

While on a clear day we would have been able to see the Kamchatka Peninsula only 12km away when we sailed by, yet today visibility is barely a ship length. We are however now in the Sea of Ohhotsk which–with the exception of Hokkaido, a Japanese island–the sea is surrounded on all sides by Russian territory.

In a few more days we’ll sail through the Perouse Straight and enter the Sea of Japan and then within a week we’ll make port in Buson Korea!


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