Mys Aniva Lighthouse

This evening we sailed through La Pérouse Straight which connects the Sea of Okhotsk to the Sea of Japan passing the Mys Aniva lighthouse.

The Mys Aniva lighthouse, a Soviet era nuclear-powered lighthouse on the coast of Sakhalin, Russia’s largest island, has got other people dreaming dreams as well: Sakhalin Arctic Pirate Lighthouse.

(And for the record, I didn’t take this photo.)

It was the first time we’d seen land since we left Dutch Harbor, AK ten days ago.

Researching the lighthouse a bit, I found this passage about La Perouse Straight:

“Special attention was paid to the La Perouse Strait where navigation was difficult during the early summer due to strong currents, fog and rip tides. The Rock of Danger in the center of the Strait made navigation extremely hazardous which was why “any command to make the navigation there easier is valuable and should be accepted gratefully”. Navigators sailing the waters of the La Perouse Strait used a rather simple means to detect rocks in the fog – they had “listeners” on board whose job was to detect the roar of Sea Lions living on this small piece of land.”

And guess what–we saw a sea lion!

So for the remainder of the week we will continue to sail to Korea through the Sea of Japan, expecting to arrive on Friday. In a minute I’ll head to bed only to be awoken in a matter of hours to start my new role as 4am – 8am watchkeeper. Sweet dreams world–you’re made of magical things.



One response to “Mys Aniva Lighthouse

  1. Thanks for taking me along. I’m enjoying this voyage immensely. Love the pics and maps. Sweet dreams.

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