Jorge (Argentina, bosun) enjoying Saturday afternoon sunshine from the netting of the heli-deck. No surprise here, I get along with him quite swimmingly.

Saturday evening barbeque in celebration of Adrian’s (Panama, chief mate) birthday.

Jorge (Argentina, bosun) and Luis (Columbia, 2nd engineer) taking it easy against the backdrop of the evening fog.

Hernan (Argentina, 2nd mate) dressed appropriately in his coveralls for his duty as grill master for the evening as Popopaul (India, electrical engineer) proclaims to everyone that if you’re cold it’s because you have a cold heart.

Warming our hands around the grill–Slava (Russia, 3rd engineer), Bala (Salomon Islands, deckie), Francesco (France, deckie), Tim (Thailand, deckie), Hernan (Argentina, 2nd mate).

10:40pm sunset over the Okhotsk Sea. I’m still just in awe that I’m here–that I’m on-board the Esperanza, that I’m sailing across these magnificent bodies of water, that this dream has come true–that it’s no longer just a dream.


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