Market Day

Rode this beauty into the Busan city center today, note the double rear wheel action!

Wandered around the Gukje Market, Busan’s huge open air market, all afternoon. Most of the alleyways were narrower than this and crowded with vendors and people, yet I caught the sun poking through the clouds on this otherwise grey day.

The Jagalchi Fish Market. It was quite the place–and honestly, pretty revolting. The building is huge with vendors and their tanks of fish and other sea creatures lining every available square foot. The water circulation system makes all of the tanks over-flow into the walkways and drain along the edge so the floor’s slick with fish water. It’s pretty sad too, nearly all of the animals whether big or small, are still alive and for the most part kept in these crowded little tanks or even bowls.

In the lower right hand corner is a bowl full of penis fish, by far the grossest thing I found in the market.

Squid, squid, squid, OCTOPUS!

Kimchi heaven!

Near the end of my day I took a break from the hustle and bustle of the market at this quaint little cafe and enjoyed people watching and letter writing from my perch on the balcony. Lovely.


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