Ocean Defenders Opening Ceremony

This weekend marked the start of the Ocean Defenders Tour with the newly established Korean Greenpeace office–we hosted two days of Open Boat tours for the general public and then were treated to this ceremony of traditional dance and song to kick off the campaign.

For the next few weeks the Esperanza will host Korean GP campaign staff, volunteers and scientists to work on a few campaigns pertaining to the health of the oceans: educating the public about Korea’s intent to start whaling for “research purposes,” an excuse like Japan uses to continue to whaling for its profit in local markets, and educating the public on the Korean canned tuna industry comprised of three main companies all of which use FADs and purse seine fishing techniques which regularly kill dolphins, whales and other marine species as their by-catch.

Already it’s been a great few days with the campaign with highlights including following a pod of over 50 dolphins this morning and a successful action taking place on land yesterday at one of the tuna companies headquarters in Korea where activists threw a net over the main entrance symbolizing the by-catch killed from their fishing practices. Next up, spending the weekend in Ulsan–a community which has traditionally hunted whales–hosting another weekend of Open Boats. We’ll see what sort of reception we receive there….


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