For Sale: Manana Island Lighthouse

My dream house is for sale: Manana Island Sound Signal Station

Are you looking for a peaceful retreat with glorious sunsets? On top of Manana Island, 10 miles off the coast of Maine, is the former Coast Guard Signal Station. This maritime setting is picturesque with panoramic views of the ocean, rolling fields and Smutty Nose Island. A short boat ride across the bay is Monhegan Island which is home to fisherman, artist & writers.

Are you inspired by history? The buildings on this site are in need of restoration work to preserve their historic value to the Monhegan Historical District. This includes a two story, white, wooden, clapboarded, four bedroom former Keeper’s quarters (1855) on a brick foundation with a brick cistern in the basement and an attached deck. Also included is a brick Sound Signal/Engine House (1855) with a wooden tower and a shed-like attachment to the north of the tower. The lot is approximately 6400sf +/-.

Here’s to hoping that someone awesome will buy it and I can come visit….



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