Keelung, Taiwan

Keelung in the early morning light as seen from the bridge during my watch from 4 – 8am, our first morning in port.

Keelung is one of Taiwan’s largest port towns, the city catering to sailors and pirates of yesteryear with cheap food and expensive drinks at sleazy bars.

We’ve only enough time off to explore Keelung within close vicinity of the ship but luckily that has included a temple high up on one of the surrounding hills.

Acupressure walkway in route to the temple.

The best thing to do in town is hands down, walking through the night market. Food vendors start setting up in the street around 4 in the afternoon but the market reaches it’s height around 8pm the streets jam packed with locals dinning out on fresh sea food, a variety of thick noodle soups and other Taiwanese foods.

A popular item found in the market–barbequed octopus on a stick.

The dim sum vendor was one of my market favorites though with each piece costing about four cents.


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