Taiwan Action Against Over Fishing

Friday morning, under the the veil of darkness, ten of us climbed to the top of a fourty-five meter crane in one of Taiwan’s largest shipyards. By day break, our banner was deployed and media was on-site starting to broadcast our story and bringing attention to the over-fishing of the world’s oceans.

Greenpeace International wrote up a good piece on the action: Two Ships, One Vision for Our Ocean.

“This morning in Taiwan – home to the world’s largest tuna fishing fleet – Greenpeace activists took action at the largest shipbuilding yard there. The activists unfurled a large banner saying “Overfishing Starts Here” at a facility where massive industrial fishing boats destined to fish across the globe’s oceans are built.

Destructive overfishing has already put the future of our oceans – and the billions of people dependent on them for food and jobs – at risk. The bottom line is simple: future generations need fewer huge fishing boats and more fish.”

I’m incredibly proud to have been part of this historic action; one which has already garnered much media attention and will undoubtedly raise the profile and authority of the Taiwan office.
Already we’ve made the front page of two local papers including the Taipei Times, the biggest of Taiwan’s newspapers. Other news coverage includes the Dominican Today: Greenpeace activists occupy Taiwan shipbuilding yard to protest overfishing

Kaoshiung, Taiwan.– Ten Greenpeace activists occupied the largest shipbuilding yard in Taiwan on Friday, accusing the Taiwanese government of undermining international fishing agreements set up to combat the global overfishing crisis. “Our oceans and the billions dependent on them for food and jobs need fewer massive boats and more fish. The Taiwanese government is cheating international agreements and Greenpeace is taking peaceful action today to demand it adhere to scientific advice and help end overfishing,” said Yu Fen Kao, Greenpeace East Asia senior oceans campaigner.

We’ve also been written up in Taiwan News: Greenpeace hangs banner at Taiwan shipyard in overfishing protest

Needless to say, my time here in Taiwan has been unique, particularly these past three days since arriving here in Kaoshiung. But tomorrow we leave for Hong Kong and in just nine days I’ll be heading home. Rest assure, I’ve got quite the story to tell upon my return!


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